Manual plate shears

The advantages of these light building plate shears with the precision of the heavy workshop versions are excellently unified in these manual plate shears:

High-quality blades out of Swedish steel ensure a perfect cut. The blade base can be variably adjusted and is held in place by maintenance-free bearings.

The support table with perpendicular contact strip is especially large.

Through the open sheet holding-down device, which can be swung out, cuts of any length are possible in push-through process.

A width stop, which can be adjusted in parallel, with an inserted millimetre scale, guarantees that setting is fast and precise. The resiliently arranged stop support makes it possible to even cut narrow strips with no problems.

  • Special blades for VA-sheets
  • Parallel table stop

Technical data

Typ WST 1
Working length mm 1020
Cutting performance steel (400 N/mm²) mm 1,5
Width stop adjustable from mm 0 – 550
Table width mm 680
Table height mm 800
Length of angular table stop mm 680
Net weight approx. kg 250

(Subject to constructional changes)