With 4Care you are connected from start to finish with the makers of your Schwartmann machine through a whole new kind of service. With the engineers, technicians and service people who built, tested and commissioned your machine.

We accompany you with the 4 building blocks over the entire life cycle of your controlled system – anytime, anywhere.

As in a functioning organism, all components interact intelligently. We look after you individually and take care of everything you need for a permanently efficient production.

With our new Schwartmanns service packages for your universal cutting system EFM-L, you also ensure maximum machine availability at predictable costs.

Even standard machines pose no problems for us and are professionally repaired by us. In just 2 business days, you have a detailed cost estimate and can make decisions based on it, whether a Schwartmanns or a foreign brand. And if this no longer pays off for economic reasons, we dispose your old machine expertly.

we care because you matter.