Company history

  • 1964

    In February 1964, Hubert Schwartmanns began in a garage with the independent production of sheet processing machines, energetically supported by his wife, who carried out assembly work in the first years and operated the drilling, milling and turning machines.

  • 1966

    After only one and a half years they moved into an old blacksmith's shop, Godorf, where they had 100 m2, many times more space than they had before. With two employees, mainly smaller machines were manufactured in series, such as screw punches, rectilinear punching machines, building edging machines, sheet uncoiler and manual beading machines.

  • 1972

    In 1972 the first big machine was sold to an international costumer in poland

  • 1975

    Work was taken on for the construction of special machines, machines to order, own developments, and repair work for all kinds of machines for sheet processing. It is formidable that such high-quality machines were built under such crowded conditions. Hubert Schwartmanns amazed people time and again with his individual solutions and specialised machinery, in which the user and the utilization of the machine always took precedence over the established traditions of machine construction.

  • 1984

    In 1975, the factory was moved to the approximately 300 m2 large farming estate “Schwingeler Hof “. In January 1984, Schwartmanns built a new factory building in the industrial area of Wesseling-Berzdorf, whith has approximately 900 m2 of space. It has been extended by a further factory hall since then.

  • 1985

    The new factory hall and workshop in Wesseling-Berzdorf with the first fittings and equipment.

  • 2002

    Euroblech 2002 Trade fair. Marcel Schwartmanns starting young ... ten years later fully trained and ready to follow in his fathers footsteps.

  • 2010

    Proud winner of the ISO-Award 2010 – first prize awarded for „Capi – Computer based measurement and production System“ – at the world‘s largest trade fair for insulation machinery in Wiesbaden (ISO 2010).

  • 2012

    Opening of another production site in Wesseling-Berzdorf with continuous machine exhibition

  • 2014

    Schwartmanns proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary. Together with customers, suppliers, employees and companions, the event 50blue was initiated .

  • 2015

    Sale of the 20,000 machine

  • 2016

    isoconnect- the world's first measurement software for the insulation business

  • 2020

    New universal cutting machine UNI-CUT

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