isodotLaser-based measurement tool for collecting measurement data

With the new isodot, the completely digital measurement is finally a reality. Leave the ruler in your pocket – a high-precision laser will now take over the measurements for you. It is easy to transport and set up, levels itself and is completely mobile thanks to batteries.

The laser-based measurement tool works in combination with our measurement software isoconnect and is connected to a tablet via Bluetooth. A camera integrated in the isodot helps you to steer the laser point precisely onto the object to be measured. Immediately after the measurement, the objects are displayed three-dimensionally in isoconnect and the measured dimensions are adopted. The measurement data are sent directly to the workshop via a cloud service or a company-owned sync service and forwarded to the production machine via an interface. With a Schwartmanns universal cutting unit, this is possible without further adjustments.


  • High-precision, three-dimensional measurement recording with a deviation of 0.03% at a distance of 10 m
  • Own, independent energy supply through integrated, replaceable batteries
  • Saving of aids such as ladders, scaffolding or lifting platforms