Pipe-cutting machine

A further development of our proven motorized beading machine, type SMA 80, specially for cutting welded stainless steel pipes to length.

It is driven by a pole changing motor (thermally protected) via V-belt and worm gear running in the oil bath. The optimal run-through speed can be selected from 4 different working speeds.

Thanks to a massive base plate, the machine can be set up without any additional fixation.

The height of the top shaft is adjusted by means of the hydraulic drive. Adjustable stops on the hydraulic cylinder limit the path of the top shaft.

A cut with low contortion is guaranteed by supporting rings on the bottom shaft (behind the special cutter roller).

The control takes place via a double foot switch. The machine is started by pressing the left foot switch, and the cutter roller mounted to the top shaft is lowered to the cutting position. After ending the cutting process, the right foot switch is pressed: The top shaft swivels back to its original position, and the machine drive shuts down.

  • Special cutter rollers
  • 2 large stop plates with additional one-sided preset pre-screwing plate for small or larger stop depths

Technical data

Typ SMA 80 SK
Sheet thickness (stainless steel) mm 0,4 – 1,0
Smallest pipe diameter mm 100
Overhang mm 530
Working speed m/min 5 / 7 / 10 / 14
Motor rating (400 V three-phase current) kW 2,0 / 2,4
Connection voltage 3x 400 V/50 Hz
Net weight approx. kg 240

(Subject to constructional changes)