Multi-functional cut-to-length line

This machine is designed for sheet “cutting to length” – punching – beading for manufacturing insulation pipes and pre cut blanks for the universal cutting machine type EFM-L. It is installed ready-for-connection on a profile steel frame, consisting of a 3-shaft bend feed and straightening unit, movable carriage for cutting to length and drawing-out machine.

The machine has a roller knife shears for cutting to length, two punching units to punch the screw holes, as well as a beading unit for beading the longitudinal seams on straight pipes.

The hole diameter is 3,3 mm. On request we offer other diameters. The left and right hole is continuously adjustable between 0 – 80 mm from the edge. Based on this conical punching at both sides is possible. As well as punching in two rows.

The beading unit is equipped with exchangeable beading wheels. Included is:

  • 1 set = 2 pairs of beading wheels b = 4 mm
  • 1 set = 2 pairs of beading wheels b = 7 mm

For both sides, the option with/without beadings and the depth of the beadings is continuously and separate adjustable.

An uncoiling device type CA 1 or CA 2 is included in a movable design.

  • High resolution touch panel
  • Easy changeable languages
  • Data entry up to 500 different cuttings in table form
  • Up to 999 complex cutting routings can be stored into the database
    • Manual mode:
      For setting up, all functions can be executed manually, one at a time.
    • Automatic:
      – Operation with/without punching
      – length of cutted blanks
      – number of pieces
      – positions of screw holes
      – Seam left / right side

Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide

Touch – sensitive 7” colour display. Multi language intuitive software interface for data entry of all needed parameters. For example input of diameter instead of length. Conical hole punching on both sides of the sheet. Double row punching.

Multi-functional cut-to-length line type Flex-Cut

4 Port W-LAN Router with WPA-2 encryption. For wired or wireless connection between FLEX-CUT and universal cutting machine EFM-L. The router can also be used for remote access support.

Multi-functional cut-to-length line type Flex-Cut

Flex-Cut Product Video

  • Full-automatic sheet edge identification by light beam (no start cut necessary)
  • Wireless connection included!
  • Connection to universal cutting machine type EFM-L: By entering all necessary data into EFM-L (e.g. from isometry programs), FLEX-CUT automatically takes them over via wireless connection and starts to cut them due to calculated length and punches the fastening holes
  • Left and right distance from the edge 0 – 80 mm (without beading) and 0 – 35 mm (with beading)

Technical data

Band width mm 1020 1270
Sheet thickness (galvanized) <400 N/mm² mm 1,00 1,00
Smallest cut mm 275 275
– Coil weight in case of drawing off from the pendulum coiler kg 500 500
– in case of drawing off from the expansion mandrel bobbin kg 2000 2000
Dimension (incl. coiler) LxB m 2,1 x 2,35 2,1 x 2,6
Compressed air supply min. bar 8,0 8,0
Connection voltage 3x 400 V / 50 Hz x x
Conical arrangement of the punch holes x x
Wireless connection with EFM-L x x
Net weight approx. kg 1025 1125

(Subject to constructional changes)