isoconnectSoftware for Collecting and Processing of Measurement Data

isoconnect is a software application created for mobile devices (tablets, laptops). isoconnect offers all insulation companies to optimize the whole working process: beginning with taking measurements on site and prefabrication of products in the workshop; and everything is independent of what kind of machines the insulation company is equipped with.

The application is designed especially for working with tablet-PCs. If it is necessary to enter some data, a numeric or alphanumeric keyboard will appear on display. All other controls can be made by easy finger movements (touch screen). It is possible to use different kinds of laptops as well. There is the only condition at the moment: the hardware should be equipped with a Windows operating system. isoconnect can be used both online (with Internet access) and offline.

Description of added value of isoconnect:

Thanks to its unique performance ability in field of insulation market isoconnect enables to collect all measurement data from industrial insulation and service area and either to issue them as a standard order with assembly sketches or to import them directly into a cutting machine via USB port. The whole working process of an insulator can be easy and quickly automated thanks to this possibility.

The major advantages of a computer controlled working process are:

  1. increased working speed; it means much quicker delivery time
  2. significant quality of work thanks to a digital data transfer
  3. increasing of quality and speed thanks to saving of project data for e.g. upcoming revision

For the development of our software we used the latest software tools in order to achieve a never available 3D view. That is why the developed application (App) of software can be automatically adapted for a current hardware and run in a full screen mode.



Already 40 insulation companies worldwide work with mobile software solutions produced by Schwartmanns Maschinenbau. Detailed references can be provided upon request.

In the follwing video you will find a software solution specially designed and developed for Bilfinger Industrial:

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