Digitize your measurement.
Mobile. Easy. Fast

isoconnect is the digital software solution for taking measurements using a tablet or laptop.

You can create a professional measurement in just a few steps:

  • Record all important project data with the project manager
  • Select the required molded parts from the standardized parts library
  • Create workshop orders, 3-D screenshots or delivery notes in no time at all
  • Do you own a Schwartmanns universal cutting machine? Then you can send the cutting data directly to your machine and save yourself having to re-enter it

Project manager -
keep track of things

Regardless of whether you are creating a new project or need to carry out revision work – with the project manager you have everything under control.

You only enter the information that you really need; you simply leave unnecessary fields blank.

Basic data -
load additions automatically

Enter the diameter you want to start with. All other values are automatically loaded from the standard values table in the background.

So that you can get started right away, standard values are already stored for the vast majority of molded parts as well as caps and container heads.

If you still want to change something, you can reach the standard values table with just one click and adjust everything there according to your wishes.

3-D visualization -
reduced to the essentials

So that you always have an overview, only the information you currently need is displayed.

Everything else remains available in the background at the push of a button.

Workshop order -
start producing right away

Send your completed workshop order directly from the construction site to your workshop. So that nothing goes wrong, you can also send screenshots of the isometrics from various perspectives – so no questions remain unanswered.

Aroused interest? Then take a look at our webinar!