Beading, flanging and wire insert machines with motor drive

We present the most economical beading machine on the market: The new S1

  • 70% less power consumption compared to similar beading machines
  • Fast, millimetre-precise adjustment of the fence plate via rotary wheel
  • as mobile as a sack truck thanks to transport rollers
  • Lockable cabinet for rollers and accessories
  • Infinitely adjustable working speed
  • Push-button for inching or continuous operation
  • Large stop plate with exchangeable, hardened pre-screw plate
  • 230 V power supply as standard

  • 1 set of normal rollers, each consisting of:
    1 pair swaging rollers V1, V2, V3
    1 1 pair of flanging rollers B
    1 pair of closing rollers Z
    1 pair of box rollers U
  • 1 roller wrench
  • transport rolls
  • Divided pre-screwing plate
  • T-piece guide
  • Special rollers

Technical data

Type S 1
Sheet thickness mm 1,2
Wheel center distance mm 56
Overhang mm 70
Working speed m/min 30
Connecting voltage 230V x
Net weight approx. kg 120

(Subject to constructional changes)