SMW 50.20

Motorized beading machine

SMW 50.20 – The “electrified” SMW 50.00 especially for use on the construction site

  • All the advantages of our popular SMW 50.00 – but can be controlled electrically using a foot switch instead of a manual drive (230V)
  • Tip- and continuous operation – unique in the price range
  • High-quality components made in Germany for a long service life
  • Attachment to the scaffold using a pipe clamp or to the table using an optional mounting foot
  • With the optional mounting bracket, the machine can be mounted on our fitting piece cutting device type ZSV

Slide Sickenmaschine SMW 50.20 Slide Sickenmaschine SMW 50.20 Slide Fußschalter SMW 50.20 Slide Sickenmaschine SMW 50.20 Zuschneidvorrichtung ZSV Sickenmaschine SMW 50.20
  • 2 pair of wiring wheels:
    V 0, b = 3 mm
    V 1, b = 4 mm
  • Key for wheel fixture

Technical data

Type SMW 50.20
Sheet thickness mm 0,8
Wheel centre distance mm 50
Overhang mm 60
Connecting voltage, AC V 230
Driving power kW 0,12
Continuously adjustable working speed up to approx. m/min m/min 7
Net weight approx. kg 13

(Subject to constructional changes)