EiiF General assembly 2019

On 19th and 20th november, the annual general assembly of the EiiF (European industrial insulation Foundation) took place here in Wesseling. We welcomed around 60 members of the European insulation industry. After a factory tour with a presentation of the latest innovations, the participants were looking forward to exciting discussions with delicious drinks and cool music. The big idea with this “look behind the scenes” was to show the values of Schwartmanns products: High quality and strong machines, Schwartmanns as a solution provider and specialist in the insulation industry. We showed some very new innovations which put a “wow” in some eyes. Thank you for that. This makes us proud!
In the following we show some impressions of the evening. We would like to thank all participants very warmly. It was a special event, which will surely remain unique. Many thanks also to the Foundation Director Andreas Gürtler and Minna Skagen for the great help with the preparations. Another big thank you goes to our staff, who made everything possible to make the presentation a success.

Further information to EiiF: https://www.eiif.org/publications

Here you´ll find a very nice online article of the branch magazin Technische Isolierung (sorry, only in german): https://www.tech-isolierung.de/

Showed solutions and products: EFM-L, FLEX-CUT, RSM 1/2, ISOconnect