Rectilinear punching machine with motor drive type RLM 1 and RLM 2

Rectilinear punching machine for rationally punching holes in cuts for sheet insulation.

This is driven by a strongly dimensioned worm gear motor and chain drive on the eccentric shaft. It is actuated via foot pedal. The punching units serve to take up the hole cuts (stamps and matrices) and are arranged on the machine table so they can be shifted. The number of punching units and the diameter of the hole cuts (2.5 – 6.0 mm) can be adapted to the respective needs.

The distance of the holes from the edge of the sheet (overlapping) is continuously adjustable by width stops. A variable pull-out table extension guarantees stable support for the sheets to be hole-punched.

  • 1 length stop
  • 3 width stops
  • Pull out table extention
  • Design for punching sheets of any length in push-through processes, incl. extended stop rail with 2 adjustable length stops
  • Additional complete punching units with hole cuts
  • Reinforced design, for hole cuts larger than 4.0 mm, when there are more than 6 punching units or for chromium steel sheets thicker than 0.8 mm
  • Fixed stops for overlapping 12,5 / 15 / 25 mm/

Technical data

Typ RLM 1 RLM 2
Working length mm 1020 1270
Sheet thickness up to mm 1,2 1,0
Punching units Stück 6 6
Hole cut mm 3,3 3,3
Overhang of punching units mm 40 40
Smallest hole distance mm 60 60
Width stops Stück 3 3
Connection voltage 3x400V / 50Hz / 3Ph x x
Motor drive kW 1,5 1,5
Net weight approx. kg 152 172

(Subject to constructional changes)