Countdown zur Insulation Expo 2018 – part 4

On 16 and 17 May 2018, the Insulation Expo will once again take place in Cologne. The leading trade fair for the insulation industry is also an important part of the activity calendar for Schwartmanns. This year we will introduce many new solutions around our machine program. Therefore, we would like to use the phase before the fair to present the innovations in detail.

In today’s issue, we present you our new and most innovative innovation “ISOconnect-smart machines”.

At Schwartmanns we understand “ISOconnect-smart machines” to mean everything others understand under many new-fangled key words such as M2M, digitization, IoT, Industry 4.0 and others. Our aim is to bring all the machines together in one portal and thus give our customers the opportunity to monitor their machinery. It will be possible to see workloads per day, week and month, to read operating conditions, to receive error messages and above all to see “where do all the machines actually stand”. Integrated GPS modules make this possible. In short: With smart machines made by Schwartmanns you are entering the digital age!
Come to the fair and see our smart machines in action. Free tickets are available via the link below!

Free Tickets

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