S 50-ISO/T and S 56-ISO/T

Beading, flanging and wire insert machines with motor drive

These machines are designed as table machines. They are suitable for the workshop, as well as for the building site, due to their light weight. The machine bodies are made of special machine casting in a closed design.

The electric control and a tool compartment are installed in the aluminium machine base.

The roller is adjusted by shifting or swivelling the top shaft. Through this, corrections can be completely followed, even during operation. The large-sized stop plate is equipped with a hardened pre-screwing plate. All bearings are maintenance-free.

They are driven via a pole-changing (for 2 speeds) angular gear brake motor. The machine can be operated either in jog mode (clockwise/counter-clockwise motion) or in continuous mode (only one direction) via the foot reversing switch.

To make transportation easier, foot-switch cables and power supply cables can be separated from the machine via plug connections.

  • Large stop plate with hardened pre-screwing plate
  • Foot switch with multi-pin plug
  • Power supply via CEE coupling 16 A with integrated phase inverter
  • Roller wrench
  • Rollers in all versions
  • Box frame
  • Flanging device
  • T-piece guide
  • Other working speeds
  • Holder for rollers

Technical data

Type S 50-ISO/T S 56-ISO/T
Sheet thickness mm 1,25 1,25
Wheel centre distance mm 50 56
Overhang mm 170 210
Working speed approx. m/min 6 / 12 6,7 / 13,4
Connecting voltage 3x 400 V/50 Hz x x
Rated power kW 0,7 / 0,85 0,7 / 0,85
Net weight approx. kg 65 67

(Subject to constructional changes)