WSRM 05.1 to 07.4Roll bending machine with motor drive

These roll bending machines with a working length of 1- 2 meters and roller diameter of 75 – 85 mm are standardly equipped with a driving power for two working speeds. The machine is driving powered by a pole-changing transmission brake motor over a chain transmission to the back gears. The Driving power motor is thermally protected at both speeds.

The electric safety control is equipped with:

  • Foot switch with integrated EMERGENCY STOP
  • Function for forward and reverse.
  • EMERGENCY STOP rip cords on the front and back sides of the machine.

The main switch, the manual switch for the speed preselection as well as the CEE plug connection with phase reverser, are in the control cabinet.

The working shafts are arranged asymmetrically, spherically turned. They are held in place by maintenance-free dry plain bearings. The top shaft can be swung out toward the front and is locked by a closed blocking bearing. The reverse gear and the clutch are to the left, so that even narrow pipes can be easily pulled off.

  • naturally hard, approx. 1000  N/mm²
  • hardened
  • matt chromium plated
  • rubberized
  • plastic-coated
  • 3-Shaft driving power
  • Other working speeds
  • Shaft finger protection
  • Positioning of the back shaft with motor driving power by means of 1-axis CNC microprocessor control

Technical data

For all types:
Working speed approx.:4 /8 m/min
Connection voltage:3x 400V / 50 Hz
Driving power:1,0 / 1,4 KW
TypeWSRM 05.1WSRM 05.2
Working lengthmm10201270
Sheet thicknessmm2,001,75
Net weight approx.kg340380
TypeWSRM 05.3WSRM 05.4
Working lengthmm15202020
Sheet thicknessmm1,500,75
Net weight approx.kg420470
TypeWSRM 06.1WSRM 06.2
Working lengthmm10201270
Sheet thicknessmm2,252,00
Net weight approx.kg355400
TypeWSRM 06.3WSRM 06.4
Working lengthmm15202020
Sheet thicknessmm1,751,00
Net weight approx.kg445490
TypeWSRM 07.1WSRM 07.2
Working lengthmm10201270
Sheet thicknessmm2,502,25
Net weight approx.kg380430
TypeWSRM 07.3WSRM 07.4
Working lengthmm15202020
Sheet thicknessmm2,001,25
Net weight approx.kg480530

(Subject to constructional changes!)

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