SMW 50.02 and SMW 56.02Beading and flanging machines with manual drive

These two machines with their robust construction are designed for hard workshop use. The machine bodies are made of special machine casting in a closed design.

They are driven by a manual crank on the bottom shaft, so that the crank and workpiece move synchronously.

The roller is adjusted by shifting or swivelling the top shaft. Through this, corrections can be completely followed, even during operation. The large-sized stop plate is equipped with a hardened pre-screwing plate. All bearings are maintenance-free.

  • 1 set of normal wheels, cosisting of:
    1 pair of swanging wheels V1, V2, V3
    1 pair of flanging wheels B
    1 pair of closing wheels Z
    1 pair of box wheels U
  • 1 wheel wrench
  • Column base with take-up for 8 pair of rollers
  • Frame base
  • Divided pre-screwing plate
  • T-piece guide
  • Special wheels

Technical data

TypeSMW 50.02SMW 56.02
Sheet thicknessmm1,01,25
Wheel centre distancemm5056
Overhang (largest working depth)mm195225
Net weight approx.kg3335

(Subject to constructional changes!)

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