SMA 56 and SMA 80 New!Beading, flanging + wire insert machines with motor drive

These machines are designed for your workshop use due to their robust design.

The machine bodies are made of special machine casting in a closed construction.

A massive base plate facilitates machine installation. There is no additional attachment required.

It is driven by an internal three-phase asynchronous motor via V-belt and worm gear running in oil bath.

SMA 56

SMA 80 with holding device (special accessories)

The safety control with EMERGENCY OFF switch and the selector switch for jogging / continuous operation and speed adjustment are mounted on the side of the machine housing.

The roller settings are made by moving or pivoting the complete bearing of the harmonic. As a result, corrections are also possible during the operation and fully visible. The large-sized stop plate is equipped with a hardened pre srewed plate. All bearings are maintenance free.

The working speed is controlled electronically.
The desired speed for the respective operation is preselected via a rotary potentiometer. Full torque with a working speed of 2 – 25 m / min (SMA 56) is guaranteed.

  • Large stop plate with hardened pre-screwing plate
  • Electric safety control
  • Foot switch
  • CEE-coupling 16 Amp
  • Wheel wrench
  • 6 pairs of wheels (V1-V3, B, Z, U7) –> only SMA 56!

Special accessories for Beadingmachines

  • Rollers in all versions
  • Other working speeds
  • Holding device for 14 pair of rollers
  • Fast advance of top shaft mechanical or hydraulical
  • Combined turning and draw-in slide for working safely with folding rollers
  • Combined turning and draw-in slide for working safely with folding rollers with adjustable angle
  • Divided pre-screwing plate
  • T-piece guide
  • Circular guide
  • Flanging device for caps
  • Pipe support base

Only for SMA 80:

  • Special set of wheels (3 pairs) for the folded seam connection to tank heads

Technical Data

TypeSMA 56SMA 80
Sheet thickness (depending on work)mm1,52,00
Wheel centre distancemm5680
Working speedm/min2 – 252 – 20
Connecting voltage 3x 400V 50 Hzxx
Rated powerkW2,02,2
Net weight approx.kg120200

(Subject to consrtuctional changes!)