EFM-LUniversal cutting machine with integrated hole-drilling unit

The universal cutting device EFM-L is a worlwide unique machine and is used for cutting segments for the (sheet) sheathing of insulation and rationally drilling holes.

The machine works according to the principle of a cutting plotter, by means of a portal and electric sheet shears. The integrated hole-drilling unit makes precise holes for the screw or rivet connection.

A control program, specially developed for the requirements in the insulation industry, includes the calculation of a variety of molded parts from the insulation industry, including series programs for insulation caps and pipe isometry in 3D.


EFM-L Product Video

  • Lubrication unit, electronically controlled
  • Special working lengths > 2500 mm
  • Marking unit
  • Labelling system
  • Desktop/Laptop version
  • Integration in existing data processing computing systems
  • Diverse special programs
  • Individual development of special programs
  • Wireless connection with cut-to-length line type FLEX-CUT or KTE

Technical data

TypeEFM-L 26.1EFM-L 26.2
Sheet length up tomm25002500
Sheet width up tomm10001250
Max. feed (depending on cutting shape and material)m/min1010
Sheet thickness (Alu)mm1,51,5
Sheet thickness (galvanized steel) < 400 N/mm²mm1,21,2
Sheet thickness (VA) < 600 N/mm² < 600 N/mm²mm0,80,8
Net weight approx.kg670720
Operating pressurebar88
Power connection: 3x 400 V, 50 Hz, 16 Axx
Required space without the console LxW3400 x 15503400 x 1800

(Subject to constructional changes)

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detailed product description

The basic idea of the universal cutting machine is the machine-supported manufacture of molded parts by means of a cutting procedure proven for decades in fine sheet machining: the electric sheet shears, in a strongly revised execution.

With 3 high-performance and highly precise step motors, the shears go through the sheet “as if by hand”, but with high repeat accuracy.

All mechanical components are overdimensioned in order to guarantee many years of smooth system operation.

The molded parts are fundamentally cut out ready-to-use and with the hole-drilling unit, a major portion of the work preparation is saved. The time-consuming process of marking bending lines, especially for transition pieces and flattenings, is no longer necessary.

Our new special accessory, marking unit, enables you to mark positive/negative beads, helpful bending lines or other special customer requirements and position numbers.


EFM_Bohrer_detailA Windows PC ensures that calculations are fast and precise, even for the most complicated processes. The intuitive operating program was developed on our premises and is tuned to the special needs of insulators.

The standard scope of delivery already includes 50 programs which cover most of the work involved in the daily routine of an insulating plumber. We are willing to realize new customer ideas as program extensions.

We always strive to simplify the input of even the most complicated specifications. For example, a bent connecting piece is computed in all directions at the same time: turned, inclined, conical + 3x flattened, optionally with/without triangular transition. The same applies for seam positions, seam angles, circumferential parts, etc. As a control, there is a 3D preview included in the standard scope of delivery, which shows you exactly the precision  of the dimensions and the position of welded seams and flattenings.



Special designed software including different helpful functions like additions for bead, overlap and others allows you to create automatic tables which can take into account different diameters of the pieces. Depending on requirements of the customer it is also possible to make several tables at once which are made exactly for each project or each customer or each company.

The machine was nominated several times for the „Best innovations of the year” award at “ISO” – the worlds largest trade-fair in the insulation business. In 2004 and 2010 it was awarded  with the first price for the “Computer Based Measurement and Production System – Capi”.

Different types of models can be entered and sent via Intranet/Internet. So one employee can be just on the building site with a laptop and transfer all  details directly to the machine via GPRS / UMTS.

The exact cut is guaranteed by high-resolution, high-performance step motors. These are gently and variably accelerated and decelerated in online mode, depending on the traversed curve, in order to guarantee the smooth, uniform behaviour of the cutting tool.

The machine is equipped with pneumatic hole-drilling unit for drilling fastening holes or bending points. Special pneumatic locks hold a steel sheet on the working table to ensure the precision of the holes.

An integrated electronically controlled lubrication device drops some oil onto the drill that helps to prolong its term and improve also the quality of the hole.

To increase the efficiency of your workshop the machine can be integrated in a computer controlled manufacturing process: with the help of Internet /Intranet it is possible to syncronise the data between a Laptop / tablet PC, the office-computer and other computerised  or mobile devices.

There is an opportunity to send wirelessly current information about models from the building site to the EFM-L or cut-to-length machines like KTE or ISO-CUT and after that to cut all pieces from the steel sheets with already punched holes. For the post calculation there are several helpful tables at your disposal with information about general consumption of the steel (net / gross), general time for cutting etc.

If you wish you can equip EFM-L with our new unique marking system offering many possibilities:

  • Marking of rest-sheets and its storage in a database for later use
  • Numbering of pieces due to measurement for a fast parts identification
  • Marking of current data for following working steps like position of beads, direction of rounding
  • Marking of bending lines or points (e.g. adapter piece:round-angular etc.)




The software is special created for all needs of insulation plumber. The 3D graphics of each piece helps you to make much easier the input and to avoid unexpected errors!

For example, the program “Pipe Isometry” allows pipelines to be entered with graphical support.

By touching the coloured arrows on the touch-screen display, you can create the whole pipeline system and then change by some parameters e.g. axis lengths . Every changed parameter is displayed directly; this way (wysiwyg – what you see is what you get), you can see the finished product before installation and can avoid input errors!

Even complicated connections can be input quickly and clearly, because you have always a possibility to have a look at the position of seams, bend angles etc.

Thanks to unlimited working possibilities you can create different pipelines, your competitor would dream of such a machine EFM-L. What about a double pipe bend with a conical segment in the middle, flattening and connecting piece included!

isometrie-beispiel_3d_04  skizze01_06

This way, up to 40 isometries can be put together at once, which the program optimizes to minimize leftover sheet metal.

If you wish you can print coloured drawings of the pipeline for your documentation purposes or also a label with technical data of each segment and logo with your company.


It is also possible to produce insulation pipes using the cut-to-length line FLEX-CUT. The program automatically calculates and looks for the optimal way to cut initial and final pieces. The information about holes calculation is sent to the machine via wireless connection and he holes will be punched on the steel sheets.

The EFM-L cuts then ready segments from the pre-punched steel sheets!



Cut-to-length line type FLEX-CUT



The program “Series Caps”, for rationally manufacturing diverse caps, can be used to enter and cut single or entire series of different caps, quickly and easily.

The program controls all common shapes (flange, fitting and suitcase form) and divisions (even asymmetrical).

Working with basic data and an ingenious, automatic add-on program makes input easier. This basic data is pre-set into your system during training and can be easily changed. This means, that a standard cap can be input within a few seconds, as only the shape, division and diameter have to be entered into the table.

All details regarding a single cap can be easily adapted, e.g. caps with indented lock seam, roof-top shape, flattenings and many more. And they can be looked at on the 3D preview.

Calculating and cutting covers and headplates of caps on different steel sheets allow you to work with any types of steel/sheet thickness.

Surely you have some metal sheets left over from the previous cuts! For this case the EFM-L offers you a unique chance to use them again for cutting of caps or their bodies.

The program provides you an opportunity to work with the leftover sheet table. The machine looks for the best way to cut the sheet, before you place a fresh sheet in the system!In a such way you can reduce the left over of the steel!


The program Series Caps provides a further important details, which make the whole manufacturing much easier:

  • By touching the button you can switch to the tooth fold (cap, standing, outside)
  • Free position of holes for fastening of insulation
  • Manufacturing of covers and headplates from different types of steel
  • Platal function (for coated sheets)
  • cut-preview-capsHoles on quarter parts for easy mounting
  • Cutting of cap bands with prepared holes for toggle clips and adhesion
  • Print of labels with company”s logo
  • Marking the corner radii on the cover of box
  • Cutting of end discs (for pipes)
  • Possibility to integrate in existing business software for automatic data transfer
  • Printout of production table for manufacturing



Besides the two introduced programs, the software package includes many other programs for rationally producing molded articles, such as bends, bundle conductors, contactors, funnels, tank heads, tank feet, flattenings, etc. With the 3D preview you always have an overview.

Bend segment, flattened 2x.

1.1st flattening on the back, trapezoidal
2. 2nd flattening on the side with transitions as triangle.
The flattenings intersect each other!


Contactors (grey) on bend segment.

The contactor can be turned in every desired position by means of 3 angles (even laterally and in the flute).

Contactors (green) on zeppelin head (tank foot).

The contactor can also be designed in conical form and can touch the tank head at any place (transition between corner radius and tank radius is taken into consideration).

Bend segment in multiple piece number cut in series.

The powerful program package „Ventilation“ offers you a great opportunity to create and cut different insulation parts and pipelines for ventilation systems. Hereby, simple handling, a clear overview with 3D and versatility are perfectly reunified:

  • Automatic additions for external/internal areas
  • Flattened ventilation pipes
  • Free position of fastening holes
  • Free choice of segments
  • Bending points marked
  • Calculating of bending angles



TypeEFM-L 26.1EFM-L 26.2
Multilingual operatingxx
Hole-drilling unitxx
Lubrication unit, electronically controlledss
Wireless connection with FLEX-CUT or KTEss
Marking unitss
Additional Software licence for other devices like Laptop, tablet- or Desktop pc´sss
Labeling systemss
working length > 2500mmss
Individual development of special programsss

x = Standard accessories     s = Special accessories

If you wish, you can turn all steps of work to the complete unit: with the help of Intranet/Internet one can manage all the detailes of the pieces that automatizes and makes easier the manufacturing:

Selection menu of available programs:

standard accessory    special accessory


standard accessory special accessory

100Multiple elbows
101Elbow, free seam position
102Reserve Bend
103Bend with welded segments
104Level, turned axis
105Bank of elbows, next to each other
106Bank of elbows, stacked
107Lyra elbow
108Cone elbow
141Adaptor piece, round – round
142Adaptor piece, round – angular
143Adaptor piece, round – oval
144Adaptor piece, round – angular 90°
181Connecting piece Cylinder < – Cylinder
182Connecting piece Cylinder > – Cylinder
183Connecting piece Cylinder – Cone
184Connecting piece Cone – Cone
185Connecting piece Cone – Cylinder
186Connecting piece Cylinder – Back of bend
188Connecting piece Cylinder – Cylinder with a wedge
189Connecting piece Cylinder – Cylinder with two wedges
192Shoe connecting piece
193T-connector as adapter round-square
194Volumetrical connecting piece
222Heat exchanger
251Y fitting with cylindrical branches
252Y fitting with cone branches
253Y fitting with right-angled branches
254Y fitting with transfer legs
271Zeppelin head, clapper end / Basket end / free form
272Cone head
273Domed head
274Dished head
301Cylinder fitting on Zeppelin head
302Cylinder fitting on cone head
303Cylinder fitting on sphere
304Cylinder fitting on ball
305Cone fitting on Zeppelin head
306Cone fitting on cone head
307Cone fitting on sphere
308Cone fitting on ball
311Cone, multi-section
312Rectangular fitting on cone head
313Rectangular fitting on sphere
361Pipe with 1 / 2 angled cuts
381Sphere, small, with equal segments
382Ball great with misaligned segments
441Pipe smoothing device
442Bend smoothing device
443Fitting smoothing device
450Connecting piece – bend
601Pipe isometry
700DXF Import
800Strip cutting device
801Tank hull

Programs especially for the rational series cutting of caps:

standard accessory special accessory

201Flange box/end plate, horizontal
202Valve box semicircular, horizontal
203Valve box angle, horizontal
204Rectangular box semicircular, horizontal
205Rectangular box angle, horizontal
211Flange box, vertical
212Valve box, semicircular, vertical
213Valve box, angle, vertical
214Rectangular box, semicircular, vertical
215Rectangular box, angle, vertical
220Series caps (cover, cases, tapes, end plates)

Programs especially for the insulation of ventilation systems:

standard accessory special accessory

400Ventilation Isometry
401Connecting piece
402Ventilation bend
403Ventilation angle pipe (WS/WA)
404Ventilation transfer piece (US/UA)
405Ventilation pipe transfer piece (RS/RA)
406Ventilation level (ES/EA)
407Ventilation T-piece (TG/TA)
408Ventilation Y-piece (HS)
409ventilation channel