BM 1Flanging machine

This flanging machine serves for setting up a perpendicular border on circular, curved orstraight sheet cut-outs, but especially for manufacturing the border on insulation caps.

  • connectable sheet-forced guidance with continuously settable spring pressure
  • 400 V power supply via a CEE plug connection with integrated phase inverter
  • Disconnectable forced guidance
  • CEE coupling (16 Amp)
  • Drive via pole-reversible 3-phase current brake motor for clockwise / counter clockwise motion with foot switch

Technical data

TypeBM 1
Sheet thickness (galvanized) <400 N/mm²mm0,5 – 1,0
Border height approx.mm4
Working speedm/min4 / 8
DrivekW0,30 / 0,45
Connection voltage: 3x 400V / 50 Hzx
Smallest radius for 90° arc, depending on sheet type and thicknessmm70
Net weight approx.kg70

(Subject to constructional changes)

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